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Acupressure Massage

Top acupressure massage: therapy for the spine and relaxation of body and mind!

Eliminate pain, stress and exhaustion, and restore energy to your body and mind!

  •     Therapy for stiffness and pain related to spinal and stress problems

  •     It achieves particularly deep body relaxation, good mood and a clear mind

  •     Pleasant warming of the muscles, deep massage of a large group of muscles and acupressure art of revitalizing the body and mind by pressing the energy flows

Acupressure massage is a unique combination of therapy and relaxation.

Designed to regenerate the body and calm the mind like a night's rest. It eliminates pain, stress and exhaustion.

It combines non-invasive manual techniques of traditional Chinese medicine and modern manual therapies:

  •     massages (muscle relaxation)

  •     relaxation of muscular fascial tension and passive stretching of muscles (natural

  •     spinal decompression and indirect restoration of dislocated spines)

  •     acupressure (finger pressure on energy flow points)

There are no downloads and no accompanying processes. All relaxation and stretching techniques are performed through clothing and rugs. You lie on a comfortable massage table all the time and you are covered with a sheet or blanket.

Our location in downtown Delhi allows you to get there quickly. A pleasant and peaceful environment separates you from the daily hustle and bustle of the city, and working hours are negotiable to your daily schedule.

The effect of acupressure is felt at all levels of physical, physiological and emotional structure and is an excellent indicator of the true energy state. A series of interventions follow the lines of energy flowing along the spine and the lines that continue to other parts of the body.

Already the basic acupressure procedures of pressure on the back and neck muscles stimulate the stimulation of the spinal muscles and their mobilization. By combining traditional acupressure of the points along the spine, relaxation of the myofascial tension of the spinal muscles, and the method of gradual passive stretching, we achieve natural decompression of the spine.

Such decompression of the spine results in the release of dislocated vertebrae, and pressure on the ligaments, discus and nerve roots exiting the spinal cord, as well as a certain level of tissue regeneration. Muscle strengthening and better posture in spinal deformity are encouraged. Helps to resolve problems such as back pain, pinching, disc herniation, sciatica.

It has a soothing effect on the overworking of the autonomic (vegetative) nervous system that innervates all internal organs. By switching it to basic mode, the body can quickly recover from the stress hormone, which means resting and rebuilding and improving its vital functions.

In most people today, due to a stressful lifestyle, an over-activated sympathetic system causes tension and pain in the back, neck, headaches, tension in the extremities, joint problems, etc. as well as problems with the functions of organs and systems and consequently with psychic tensions, restlessness and sleep.

Chinese massage therapies primarily focus on the spine because of its direct impact on the autonomic nervous system. They lead to deep relaxation and revitalization. They promote deeper metabolic processes, detoxification and tissue regeneration, and stimulated physiological processes break down accumulated stress.

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